Our Story

The Funky Bunk was created with the intent of offering trendy fashion to our small Colorado town. We are a mom and daughter duo, but our story doesn’t start with us. About 20 years ago my great grandma, Audrey Hasbrouck closed the doors of her store, The Country Bunkhouse when she sold her home to her grandchildren, my parents, Jeff and Cindy. For years, the Bunkhouse was a playroom for my brother and I, until my mom and I decided that it was time to resurrect my great grandma’s dream, but with our own twist.

When we opened our doors, I was 16 and we had no idea what the future had in store for us. Since then, we have moved to a bigger location, and started an online store! I graduated from Texas Tech University in 2020 and am currently planning my wedding!! My mom has become
the best Lolli to my brother’s daughter, Ellington and our dreams are bigger now than ever before!

We hope that you love our Unique Little Boutique just as much as we do. Thank you for supporting our small business and making our
dreams come true!

Cindy & Jaedon